Shelves, a basic for our home

I must admit, I would set up a library at home if I could! Which, actually, it’s not such a bad idea since sometimes it’s difficult to find where to put all the books we can gather through the years. Maybe, it would be good thinking about getting an eBook… But, meanwhile, I’d love to dedicate this post to shelves, which are so useful to organize and decorate our home!

I consider that a library at home is quite important and we should take care of it. Today, we bring you some ideas that you can use at home. This first example is a spacious sitting room that allows having big shelves with a unique touch. We can organize our books and complement it with a player and our favorite CDs and any other decorative objects we like.

library with shelves

The main character of this second example is also a large wall, but in this case, the shelf is built-in. The amount of books you can gather in this kind of shelves is almost endless… That’s why it’s a great idea for those who have hundreds of books of different sizes.

built-in shelves

This last shelf is perfect for your office. It’s truly organized and every book has its own space. The only problem it’s that the space is quite limited, but it’s a great idea to keep the essential books we need close at hand!

shelves for our office

Anyway, there is no rule to choose our shelves. The most important thing is following our personal tastes and thinking about our necessities. You can mix your books with photos, ornaments and anything you like, or have several shelves for each of them. Just remember to think about the size you’ll need; a small shelf is useless if we have hundreds of books, but so it is a big one if we’ll leave it half empty… don’t you think so?

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