26 stylish sinks where it would be an honor to wash your hands

Sinks, an indispensable object in our daily life… They don’t necessarily have to be simple and boring, there are plenty of designs that will make our bathrooms look surprisingly good. In the following post, we want to gather some of the best creative sinks we’ve found on the Internet. Some of these amazing sinks may not be so practical, but they are gorgeous and we couldn’t help sharing it with you! Stone, wood, colorful and even see-through sinks, these original designs are just fantastic!

See-through sink

stylish sink 1 Via: trendir

Precious gems sink

stylish sink 2Via: reddit

Sink with “crystal holes”

stylish sink 3Via: trendir

Fish tank or sink?

stylish sink 4Via: trendir

A curvy sink

stylish sink 5Via: beautifullife

The perfect sink for geology lovers

stylish sink 6 stylish sink 6_2Via: goredesignco

Move the ball to change the temperature and the color

stylish sink 7 stylish sink 7_2Via: activerain.trulia.com

Cascade sink

stylish sink 8Via: trendir

Moroccan style sink

stylish sink 9Via: imgur

Ideal sink for a modern house

stylish sink 10Via: trendir

Elegant wood sink

stylish sink 11 stylish sink 11_2Via: seapavaa

Crystal sink with colorful stripes

stylish sink 12Via: trendir

Honeycomb sink

stylish sink 13Via: trendir

Ice fishing sink

stylish sink 14Via: inspirationist.net

Sink for painters

stylish sink 15Via: trendir

Sink made with just a stone

stylish sink 16Via: freshome.com

Extravagant colorful sink

stylish sink 17Via: pixable.com

Modern wood sink

stylish sink 18Via: stupic.com

Sink with a crystal straw tap

stylish sink 19Via: sinksgallery.com

A modern masterpiece

stylish sink 20Via: houzz

“Floating” sink

stylish sink 21Via: .inewidea.com

The almost invisible sink

stylish sink 22 stylish sink 22_2Via: trendir

Great shadows effect

stylish sink 23 stylish sink 23_2Via: home-4us.blogspot.com

Sink made of petrified wood

stylish sink 24Via: signaturehardware.com

Simple and elegant

stylish sink 25Via: davinong.com

You’d turn on the tap just to see the water swirl…

stylish sink 26Via: davinong.com

We hope you liked this collection of images, if you know more amazing sink designs, you can share them with us in our Facebook Page.

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