25 DIY projects made with wine corks

Wine, apart from being taste, is a source of a really good material for making DIY projects. This materials is cork and there are infinity of option in order to create original decorative and useful objects with it. Today, we bring you 25 DIY projects made with wine corks that we hope can inspire your imagination.

1.Making stamps with wine corks


2. A reel for keeping some threads

3.A wreath made with wine corks

recycled-cork3 4.Create mini-flowerpots with recycled wine corksrecycled-cork4

5. A decorating ball covered with wine corksrecycled-cork5

6.Key-rings made with wine corksrecycled-cork6

7.A DIY project for making coasters with corkrecycled-cork7

8.Decorative lettersrecycled-cork8

9. Cork support for name labelsrecycled-cork9

10. DIY project for avoiding that the table gets burnedrecycled-cork10

11.An original carpet made with wine corksrecycled-cork11

12.Put cork labels in your flowerpots and you won’t forget which seeds you placed thererecycled-cork12

13.Fix the handle of your knivesrecycled-cork13

14.A wine cork or a candle?recycled-cork14

15.Decorative wine corksrecycled-cork15

16.Pendant made with wine corksrecycled-cork16

17.Beautiful necklaces made with pieces of wine corksrecycled-cork17

18.A board for pinning things made with wine corksrecycled-cork18

19.Unique doorknobs recycled-cork19

20.Numerate the wineglassesrecycled-cork20

21.A creative and original lamprecycled-cork21

22.DIY project for making magnets for the fridgerecycled-cork22

23.Make wine corks sculpturesrecycled-cork23

24.Decorate your pens with wine corksrecycled-cork24

25.Remember special moments through wine corksrecycled-cork25

As you can see, there are infinity of DIY projects you can create with wine corks. From small objects such as magnets for your fridge, to beautiful boards for pinning things. You just need to use your imagination and look for the DIY projects that better fits your decoration. If you can, you can opt for an idea that is beautiful and practical at the same time. It’s a cheap and ecological way of decorating you home.

We hope you liked these ideas for creating DIY projects with wine corks. You can share more ideas with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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