25 projects to create little indoor gardens

Not everybody has the possibility to have a garden in their homes because they don’t have enough space. This is not a problem anymore thanks to the idea we are bringing you today.

In all homes the garden should be a must, an open area to plant our favorite plants, but not everyone has that possibility. Despite that, we can always use our imagination and create a mini garden to decorate inside our homes. That’s exactly what we are showing you today, 25 ideas to create awesome indoor gardens using some interesting objects.

Here you have all the ideas we have collected for you. Hope you enjoy them.

Grow spices in your kitchen


Garden inside an old lampgarden2
Little hanging ballsgarden3
Plant inside a jargarden6
Vertical gardengarden7
Coffee table with a garden on itgarden8
Little forest inside a vasegarden9
Hanging potsgarden10
Recycled gardengarden11
Vintage gardengarden12
Pots compositiongarden13
Forest shelvinggarden14
Grass headsgarden15
Avocado plantgarden16
Gardening roomgarden17
Garden inside a glass spheregarden18
Green drawersgarden19
Recycled glass bottlesgarden20
Full-wall gardengarden21
Shelves full of potsgarden22
Flower bulbgarden23
Upside down plantsgarden24
Grow celerygarden25

Via: DominioMundial

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