3 luxury bathroom designs you’ll love

We all have ever dreamed  with luxury bathroom designs as the ones we are going to share with you today: spacious, comfortable, modern and glamorous. A space where we can relax at the end of the day with calmness and surrounded by elegance. These 3 luxury bathroom designs are gorgeous.

luxury-bathroom-designSource: Krion Bath

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces of the house. In fact, a comfortable bathroom, spacious enough and with a big bathtub is one of the most valued elements of a home. However, we can’t always have the chance of enjoying the luxury bathroom designs we’re about to share with you due to the lack of space or budget.

Anyway, we wanted to share with you these luxury bathroom designs since they are inspiring and beautiful, and these ideas can always be useful for creating lovely decorations in a more limited space. The following designs are wide, elegant and innovative, check them out!

ARO collection, by Krion Bath

luxury-bathroom-design1Source: Krion Bath

The new collection Krion Bath, made with a last generation material as Krion by Systempool, has been designed by José Manuel Ferrero, from estudiHac. The elements of the serie present rounded and soft shapes that transmit elegance and simplicity at the same time.

The key of ARO elements is the material they use, for sinks as well as for bathtubs. Krion is a composed mineral which is truly resistant and it can be used for creating spectacular models with few junctions. Besides, you’ll love its soft and smooth finish.

luxury-bathroom-design2Source: Krion Bath

Regarding to the design, José Manuel Ferrero was inspired in the Japanese ceremony of tea. That’s why sinks are quite similar to the porcelain balls that people use for preparing tea in Japan. They are completed with a plane surface with ring shape that supports the bathroom fittings and that expects to symbolise two hands joint together while offering tea. In the bathtub, the surface also includes a small corbel.

luxury-bathroom-design3Source: Krion Bath

Among the multiple elements included in the ARO collection, there are a serie of complements, mirrors, shelves, stools and pieces that allow to create a real luxury bathroom design.

Vintage style in the Chelsea serie, by Noken

luxury-bathroom-design4Source: Noken

This design is for elegant atmosphere lovers. Noken has presented the Chelsea serie, inspired in the spirit of la Belle Epoque. It’s a new collection where design combines a classic style of antique bathrooms with the pureness and minimalism of current styles.

If you’ll like introducing a classic touch in your decoration, you’ll love the Chelsea collection. Moreover, it’s a very sophisticated collection that reminds to the glamour and the luxury of old times. Elegant and slender lines are the main characters of this luxury bathroom design.

luxury-bathroom-design5Source: Noken

But, there’s also important to remember that even if the design can remind you to classic bathroom designs, the Chelsea collection uses the last generation technology. For example, they use thermostatic showers equipped with the last advances of the brand. The combination between classic and modern styles is perfect in this collection.

luxury-bathroom-design6Source: Noken

This is definitely a great option for vintage style lovers!

Rounded and soft shapes

luxury-bathroom-design7Source: Noken

The edges and corners have no place in the design of the Forma serie, by Noken. This is a bathroom collection thought to fit in any environment, since it is very versatile. We find it really beautiful because it isn’t complicated or overloaded. This luxury bathroom design is simple, easy to admire and quite minimalist, but at the same time, it’s warm and personal.

luxury-bathroom-design8Source: Noken

This collection is a gorgeous alternative if you’re thinking about renovating your bathroom. Moreover, this design is timeless so it’s difficult it goes out of fashion.

luxury-bathroom-design9Source: Noken

There are different models and sizes that adapt to any need and preference. The variety of sinks of the Forma collection is incredible, so it will be easier finding the model you’re looking for.

luxury-bathroom-design10Source: Noken

For completing this collection, the bathroom fittings are equipped with ECO ventilator that allows saving water. The designs are current, special and flexible, allowing you to adapt them to your needs and style.

luxury-bathroom-design11Source: Noken

Showers are also surprising and modern, and there are many types and options among you can choose. It’s up to you! Wouldn’t it be great to have a luxury bathroom design like these ones?

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