3 redecorated airplanes that have been transformed into hotels

Decoration has no boundaries and these redecorated airplanes that have been transformed into hotels are a clear example of it. These aeronautical hotels are one-of-a-kind accommodations, especially for those who love aviation and flying around the globe.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelcostaverdeSource: Hotel Costa Verde

Today, we want to share with you 3 redecorated airplanes that have been transformed into hotels. These accommodations are located around the world and they look like a truly wonderful experience. These airplanes have been redecorated and transformed into gorgeous and comfortable spaces where anyone would love to stay.

Boeing 727 Fuselage, Hotel Costa Verde (Costa Rica)

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelcostaverde5Source: Hotel Costa Verde

This Boeing 727 fuselage was salvaged from the San José Airport and transformed into a wonderful and exotic accommodation surrounded by an idyllic landscape.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelcostaverde2Source: Hotel Costa Verde

Wouldn’t you like to experience the feeling of staying on the clouds for some nights? The location and the one-of-a-kind idea of sleeping in an airplane are attractive. Moreover, the decoration of this Boeing 727 is based on the style of the place. They chose an exotic and classic decoration at the same time. Guests experience the typical environment of Costa Rica while they stay in a hotel that is anything but common.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelcostaverde3Source: Hotel Costa Verde

The bedrooms are carefully decorated with a wooden style that looks gorgeous in combination with the surrounding landscape. Its natural and rustic design are the ideal choice for creating a comfortable and cosy accommodation.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelcostaverde4Source: Hotel Costa Verde

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelcostaverde7Source: Hotel Costa Verde

The bathroom is also a lovely part of the accommodation and the views you have from the shower are just fantastic. You can relax in the bathroom while you enjoy the gorgeous location where this Boeing 727 hotel has been built.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelcostaverde6Source: Hotel Costa Verde

Boeing 747, Jumbo Hostel (Sweden)

SONY DSCSource: Jumbo Hostel

This impressive Jumbo B747 is also a comfortable hotel located in the Airport of Stockholm-Arlanda. The Jumbo Hostel has 29 rooms available and among them, there’s the chance of sleeping in the cockpit of this superb Boeing 747. An attractive accommodation for aviation geeks.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-jumbohostel4Source: Jumbo Hostel

The decoration of this airplane transformed into hotel is much more modest than the first one. This hostel keeps the materials typical from an airplane and the predominance of the white colour makes it look more informal.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-jumbohostel3Source: Jumbo Hostel

They’ve chosen blue and orange as the main colourful details of the decoration. The result is a very modern design that makes the most of the airplane’s interior.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-jumbohostelSource: Jumbo Hostel

Besides, the Jumbo Hostel provides an extra wonderful experience, the chance of sleeping in the cockpit of the airplane. The views through the windows of the cockpit look fantastic. Staying in this curious suite must be an unforgettable feeling!

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-jumbohostel2Source: Jumbo Hostel

Ilyushin Il-18, Hotel Suites – Airplane Suite (Teuge Airport, The Netherlands)

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelsuiteSource: Hotel Suites

This airplane was transformed into an hotel in 2007. Hotel suites renovated this Ilyushin Il-18 with a truly elegant and beautiful style. This hotel is located in the Teuge Airport in The Netherlands and its design is delicious brilliant.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelsuite2Source: Hotel Suites

The combination of colours they’ve chosen is simple, but the finish is truly elegant and cosy. Black, white, light brown and crystal elements are the main characters of the decoration. Besides, the space is truly well used and no detail is missing. You’ll be able to enjoy all the comfort you need; a relaxing bath, a drink on an elegant black and white lounge or a romantic and quiet evening in a gorgeous bedroom.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelsuite3Source: Hotel Suites

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelsuite4Source: Hotel Suites

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelsuite5Source: Hotel Suites

The combination of black and white creates a truly elegant interior decoration. The predominance of the white colour visually enlarges the space, you could even think that you’re not really inside an airplane. The design takes advantage of every centimetre of the structure in order to provide everything guests may need during their stay.

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelsuite6Source: Hotel Suites

airplanes-transformed-into-hotels-hotelsuite7Source: Hotel Suites

These redecorated airplanes that have been transformed into hotels are incredible accommodations. It’s amazing how many commodities and details you can have in a room inside an airplane. The decoration is meticulously designed in order to meet every need guests may have. What do you think about these redecorated airplanes? Would you like to spend some nights in one of these unique hotels?

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