4 DIY ideas for decorating walls

Today, we’d like to share with you 4 DIY ideas for decorating walls successfully. The idea is that you can create your own decorative elements yourself so that they are original and unique.

Original mural with geometrical shapes

colorful-wall-art-diySource: Curbly

A mural created with 3D pieces which is easy to install and quite cheap. For making this kind of murals, you can adapt a model to your own design. You can decorate it with your favourite photos, with beautiful landscape or just with simple colours. The first step is choosing the tonalities you’ll use. You can mix bright and pale tones to create beautiful contrasts, always trying to combine it with your decoration.

You’ll need some wooden circles that you can get in different sizes in crafting stores. You can choose as many as you want depending on the size of the mural you want to create. You’ll also need paint, brushes, paper tape, glue for wood, wood, hammer, nails… When you have everything you need, start thinking of a design you want to paint in your circles and start creating your DIY mural! When your circles are perfectly decorated, the following step will be arranging them!

3D paper elements for decorating walls

decorating-walls-2Source: Homesthetics

Walls are the ideal space for leaving your creativity and imagination fly. A good way of showing how creative you are is creating a big mural with 3D elements. You can create your decorative elements with paper and different colours, as you can see in the picture above. This kind of figures are easy to make and you’ll be able to get lots of them in just a few minutes. You can choose simpler or more complicated figures depending on the results you want to get.

With these cheap decorative elements you can change your wall’s design and renovate your home decoration without spending a lot of money. It’s a fantastic alternative for decorating kids bedrooms.

Ideal painting for modern environments

decorating-walls-3Source: Laura Wadsworth

With some paint and tape, you can create infinity of designs. The model of the picture is made with symmetric and straight lines, but you can create the design you like the most. Mark your design with tape  and then apply the colours you like. When you remove the tape, the design will be marked in white while the rest of the canvas will be beautifully decorated with your favourite colours. Like this, you can create your own paintings at the same time you renovate your home decoration.

Blackboard letters

decorating-walls-4Source: Madigan Made

Letters are a usual option for decorating walls and this is one of the last trends. Placing shapes of letters over blackboards will provide your spaces with a more modern effect. Another fun idea is placing them on the bedroom’s doors to indicate the name of the owner of the room.

For this beautiful craft, you’ll just need cardboards, stencils for letters and black paint. You can choose the base you want to use for your letters and also the size of your craft. Design your letters and decide where you would like to place them!

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