5 flowers for your decoration

There are many different flowers for decorating our spaces. There are some very exotic and others that we have used throughout history. If you are going to grow them in your garden, best thing is choosing different flowers that fit your lifestyle, I mean, take into account the time available you have.

There are some very beautiful flowers that require just the basic attention. In that way, you can have the flowers you like without renouncing to other hobbies or activities.

If you love flowers in your decoration and you have time for them, you can choose exotic plants or that ones that require some more attention. Maybe you know something about gardening; if that’s your case it’s great! If you know the time you have, how much you know about plants and the ones you prefer it is easier to choose the flowers that best fit you.

Apart from that, think about the ambience of your home or garden: if it is cold, too hot, if you are going to buy a greenhouse, if you have a big garden or if you have to put them inside your home, etc.

With all that information, here you have some ideas that can help you choosing the best flowers.


Always beautiful and impressive, are the most romantic and aromatic flowers. They are my favorite ones. They can be put in the ground or on a flowerpot, but be careful when the weather is too cold. They will look amazing in all the places, especially in sophisticated and elegant homes. You can also use its petals for your decor.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


They look really good in offices or places to study or work. They grow in humid spaces and they don’t need sun. You can find different types of this plant and they look amazing in hanging pots!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


It doesn’t need the sun, but if it has it, it will grow faster. There are different types with different colors so it is easy to make them fit your place. It is great to cover floors or walls. This vine can be grown in almost every place.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


There are big and small ones and in different colors. They look amazing in interior places and are the best option if you don’t have much time. With just the basic attention, this plant will last a lot of time. The small ones are my favorite ones!

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest


They are great if you want to have a colorful terrace, they will stand out for sure. They are exterior plants and they need sun, but they are easy to grow and to can put them in pots.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Which one is your favorite?

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