5 things you can do with banana peel

Banana peel is ideal for lots of things, would you like to know which ones? If you’ve never thought about recycling this, here you’ll find five ideas to try it! It will surprise you, how useful banana peel can be… Maybe you already know some or you’ll find out more, in these cases, you can share them with us!


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Ideas for recycling banana peel

  1. Cleaning silver. It may seem unbelievable but it’s true, this peel will help you to keep your silver shiny, clean and polished. To do so, you need to mix water and well-crushed banana peel; rub the silver pieces with it and then, enhance it with a dry cloth.
  2. Polishing your plants. You can also enhance the shine of the big leaves of your plants with banana peel. You just need to rub the leaves with the peel carefully and you’ll see how shiny they become.
  3. Homemade fertilizer. It’s the ideal material for making homemade compost for your garden. Banana peel decomposes perfectly, so you can recycle it to create great compost. You could even add some other scraps…
  4. Polishing your shoes. It’s not a bad idea to rub our leather footwear with banana peel. After rubbing it with the peel, dry it well with a clean cloth and you’ll see how shiny your shoes look!
  5. Removing plant louse. There’re a lot of plagues that can ruin our plants and this homemade solution can be really helpful! Bury banana peels in the ground and say goodbye to plant louse!

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