Great ideas for recycling toilet paper tubes

When thinking about recycling and decorating, you can take advantage of really good ideas using simple things as cans or, like in this case, toilet paper tubes. With them, as you could have previously seen in our webpage, we can make flowers for decorating portraits. You see that you can give them a second chance, so now let’s focus on turning them into beautiful creations.

In this article you will find some great ideas for recycling toilet paper tubes. We are going to make cute details without spending a lot of money or time. For example, as you can see in this image, you can use them for organizing wires, computer connections, etc.

Great ideas for recycling toilet paper tubes 1

You put some washi tape on, the one we have already talked about, and you decorate them so that they look good, useful and beautiful, just with a little time and some simple details.

Great ideas for recycling toilet paper tubes 2

You can also stick them with some tape and put them into a box, so that you can use them to order stuff to keep it handy. It could be a fabulous idea for storing Christmas lights, don’t you think so?

Great ideas for recycling toilet paper tubes 3

In the image sequence above you can see how to make present box with this material. You just have to fold the extremes inside, in the way we can see in images 1 to 6, looking as the present boxes we normally buy for small objects.

A piece of decorated paper and a box and that’s all. Did you like these wonderful ideas about recycling and decoration?

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