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As temperatures rise, it’s ideal to incorporate some tricks to create your summer living room and give it a touch of fresh air but with style. Although decorating it offers multiple possibilities, you have to adapt it to the decoration style of your home. Whether you decide on a tropical getaway design or you want to indulge in an oasis of tranquility and relaxation.

You can try combining different colors or incorporating new materials as the season changes. The ideal is to start with something small and gradually transform the entire living room into a summer paradise.

Tips for achieving a stylish summer living room:

– Play with colors wisely and transform it into a summer living room. If you are thinking of changing the color to transform it into a summer living room, it is important to choose tones that bring elegance and sophistication, but also calm and a sense of freshness. Ideal tones are pale greens, lilac, lavender, and blue that transmit calm. Vibrant tones like yellow, pink, and blue scream summer, and introducing them in your living room can drastically change the look and feel of the space. You can use cushions, vases, curtains, and other accessories to add touches of color to the room. Keep in mind that you don’t have to go overboard with color: a little goes a long way, and you can achieve a summer look while keeping the overall design elegant and modern.

– Incorporate tropical elements. Tropical elements are also a great way to create a summer atmosphere in the living room. You can incorporate palm leaves, flamingos, pineapples, and other tropical elements in the form of murals, cushions, blankets, and even candles. When using tropical elements, it is important that your design is consistent. This means that you should avoid mixing too many different patterns or textures, and stick to a more neutral palette with some touches of bright colors to accentuate.

– Change heavy fabrics. During the summer months, it is best to change heavy and dark fabrics for lighter and sheer ones. Consider using transparent curtains, linens, light cottons, and other natural materials that will keep your summer living room cool and comfortable. This will also help maintain the bright appearance of the room and create a more relaxed, laid-back, and spacious atmosphere.

– Use natural elements. Using natural accents like straw, wood, and wicker can also help create a summer look in your living room. You can incorporate these elements in the form of side tables, lamps, and other accessories to add some texture and warmth to the room. These elements work especially well when combined with bright and fresh colors and tropical prints to achieve a summer and elegant look.

– Illuminate the space. One of the most effective ways to create a stylish summer living room is to keep the space bright and airy. This can be achieved by using light paint colors, light furniture, and minimalist decoration. Avoid using heavy and dark furniture and instead opt for more modern and elegant pieces. You can also use artwork on the walls to add visual interest and help open up the space, keeping the design looking bright and summery.

– Accessories with some striking pieces. Finally, accessories with some striking pieces are a great way to achieve a summer and stylish look in the living room. You can use striking pieces like a large mirror, a unique clock, a colorful painting, or a brightly colored rug to add fun and energy to the space. When using striking pieces, make sure that the rest of the room is clean and uncluttered to attract attention to the focal points without overwhelming the room.

– Natural textures for accessories. To give the ideal touch to your summer living room, it is important to add natural organic textures like woven rugs, sheer curtains, and wicker or rattan lighting fixtures to add depth and warmth to the space, creating a connection with the outside. These materials can be used indoors or outdoors because they are very lightweight, ideal for combining with any style of furniture, and perfect for summer.

In conclusion, creating a summer and stylish living room can be an easy and fun project. Use touches of color, tropical elements, light fabrics, and natural details to create a warm and cozy atmosphere. Also, keep the space light and airy, and adorn it with some striking pieces to add personality and joy. With these tips, you will achieve a summer and elegant living room in no time. Enjoy it!

Photos: Freepik and Unsplash.

Source: Opendeco, decoration news in Spanish

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