8 keys for decorating small bathrooms

The bathroom is one of the most important spaces of a house. It’s usually the first place we go in the morning, therefore it should be comfortable and easy to use. You don’t need a huge space, you just need a well organised space so that you can make the most of it. Check out the ideas for decorating small bathrooms that we’re going to share with you today.

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The fact that your bathroom is some squared metres short doesn’t mean that it is uncomfortable, less practical or stifling. Current bathrooms must be accessible and easy to use, it doesn’t mind the size.

That’s why today we want to talk about decorating small bathrooms and how is it possible to take advantage of every available centimetre. Here, we’ve collected 8 keys that will help you success when you decide to decorate your bathroom.

Tricks for decorating small bathrooms

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The first key for being right about you bathroom decoration is choosing the right furniture, specially if your bathroom is not to wide. You can’t choose a huge sink that takes up all the space available, on the contrary you should opt for pieces of furniture that go with your bathroom’s size. Luckily, you’ll be able to find lots of options on the market among which you can find the one that better fit your bathroom.

Organisation is essential in any bathroom, but even more in a small one. Try to picture the mess that a small bathroom could become if it’s not really well organised. That’s why it’s important that everything has its own space. Like that, you’ll easily organise your bathroom and going around the different parts of it will be much more comfortable.

Don’t forget about storage

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The second key is being clear about the need of having a lot of storage from the very moment you decide to renovate your bathroom and specially if its a small one. It’s essential that you have a lot of space for storing space so that everything is well organised. Moreover, it’s probably better having several small storing spaces that a big one, since it will help you make the most of the space available. There are many things that have to be stored in the bathroom: towels, WC paper, hair dryer, body lotions, soap, etc.

The third key is about using the high part of the walls for storage. This is a superb way of storing stuff without wasting space on the floor. You can use shelves on the superior part of the walls, near the ceiling. This is a good idea for avoiding overloading small bathrooms.

Liven it up with some colour

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The fourth key is introducing some colourful details on the furniture, instead of on the walls. Colours will help you livening up the bathroom if it’s too small or boring. You don’t have to give up on your decoration because of the lack of space. For example, you can liven your bathroom up placing an original and fun shower curtain.

The fifth key is the use of mirrors on one of the bathroom’s walls, or even on two of them. This is helpful for visually enlarging the room and it’s also very practical. Moreover, mirrors will reflect natural light and your bathroom will look wider and more illuminated. You can even opt for a piece of furniture that has a built-in mirror, like that you’ll kill two birds with one stone.

Define the space well

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The sixth key is using drawers for organising the small objects and diving the space. This is a great idea for keeping your objects well organised at the same time the you clearly define every part of the bathroom. It’s better than having a big drawer or cupboard for keeping everything, since you avoid that all the small stuff mix up. If you have a big drawer, you can use dividing boxes or baskets for making it more practical.

The seventh key is finding witty solutions for hanging your towels. If you don’t have space enough for placing a towel rail, you can use hooks for hanging them on one side of the sink or, even better, behind the door. This will save you a lot of space and you’ll find adhesive hooks that will save you making holes on the walls too.

The eighth key is incorporating a multipurpose trolley, which can be a fantastic solution for storing. You’ll be able to store at hand reach all your body lotions, make-up, hairdryer and other stuff you use everyday. There’s no need to say that you should opt for a small one if you are short of space, and if it has wheels, much better, because you’ll be able to move it easily to your bedroom if you need it.

Do you have a small bathroom? If it’s so, we hope you found these ideas inspiring and useful.

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