A transparent house you’ll love

From the time you know this awesome house we’ve brought here today, you’ll want to live in it. It is a modern and minimalist house whit everything you’ve always imagined.


For a lot of people, architecture is a new way of making art, and they are right! Some people are capable of taking all the ideas from their head and turn that projects into reality, leaving all people astonished. It is clear that this kind of buildings are expensive and not everyone can afford them but seeing and admiring them is for free. Then, here you have an awesome transparent house we have found in Homedsan portal, from where we have taken the photos.


A transparent house

The architect of this work of art was Steve Hermann in 2010. A house in which open spaces where really important, centering the attention in minimalist elements and transparencies as you can see in all the images of this article.


This house was called “Crystal Pavilion”, a very well chosen name taking into account the elements used for its construction.

This luxury house was constructed in an area of 4,300 square meters and inside, we can find a lot of rooms: 5 bedrooms, 6 bathrooms, a kitchen, a wine room, an art gallery…


The house is surrounded by nature, it has a really big garden where we can find different trees and plants and a little road to move through the garden without stepping on the grass. As we can imagine, this beautiful garden requires a lot of time and dedication.

The trees that surround the house are really useful to protect the guests against the gossip neighbors.


The most minimalist house ever

The main idea of the architect was creating the most minimalist house ever and as we can see, he has achieved his goal. Inside the house, we can see just the necessary walls and a house made with straight and simple lines.

house6 house7

He also didn’t want to use a lot of colors, that’s why walls, ceilings and floors are all white. The only thing that is different are some pieces of furniture in which sober colors like sand of brown change the uniformity of the decoration, combining perfectly with the rest of the house.

When decorating, the architect didn’t economize, most of the pieces of furniture we can see inside the house are exclusive models from big decorating brands. For example, the fiberglass panels are Star Fire, a fiberglass that is used for the exhibition of expensive jewelry as they are very clear. The kitchen and the bathroom have pieces or Varena, Poliform or Antonio Lupi.


Its own art gallery

As you may think, the architect’s main objective wasn’t to save money in this house, then it’s normal to find a craving inside the house. The main craving is the art gallery in which the owner has placed very beautiful historical cars. It is really big, they can put up to 32 cars inside. I’m sure a lot of bigger or more luxurious houses would like to have something like this.


In this case, the walls of the room are cover with walnut wood, what makes this place really special and stands out with the white house.

As you can see, even the bathrooms have transparent walls, where the intimacy is something forgotten, especially if you have guests. But on the other side, this is an opportunity to enjoy a bath having awesome views.

house11 house12

The house was built to be the architect’ s main residence but it was put up for sale some time ago for 35 million dollars, without including the furniture or the cars. I’m sure this house can be in a list of the most luxurious houses of the world.

If you liked this small mansion and you have enough money, you can be the next owner.

Did you like the article? What do you think about transparencies?

Via: Arquitectura Ideal

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