Some advices for cleaning the kitchen quickly

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Cleaning the kitchen must be a daily chore since it’s ideal for preventing infections, above all if you’re more than one person living together. Yet it must me done properly and you should use surgical gloves especially with skin irritating products. If you’re an allergy sufferer, try to look for natural products. The key is making it a routine; like that you won’t need to clean as deep as if you constantly postpone it.

Cleaning the kitchen properly and well-organized is quite easy. If you have just become independent and housework isn’t your strength, you will find the following information very useful! Would you like to know more?

Before anything, you should get a cleaning kit that can include a vacuum cleaner or a broom, microfibre cloths, all-purpose products, scrubbers, a mop and anything you may need for the specific necessities of your house. Anyway, you will find out little by little.

In the first place, you should wash all the dishes, pots, glasses and utensils in the kitchen sink; it doesn’t care if it’s in the dishwasher or hand wash. Once all those things are kept in their closets, you should also store any food you have on the kitchen counter tops.

In the second place, you should clean the ceramic cooktop or the burners with their specific product. Don’t forget about reading the products instructions since they use to be helpful! Make sure of the time the product needs to be effective and then eliminate all the dirt and remove fully the product with a clean wet cloth.

Once the burners or ceramic cooktop is cleaned, clean the counter tops with a different wet cloth and the corresponding product.

In the third place, use a wet cloth and clean the closets, the appliances, the microwave inside… You can mix the juice of lemon with hot water; it’s very effective for disinfecting and it leaves a good smell behind. If you have a oven, look for an specific product to clean the inside, there are plenty of options in the market.

Finally, put out the garbage and the recycling bin, and sweep the floor and mop it up.

As you can see, it’s not so complicated keeping our kitchen clean if we are organized and we don’t leave it for the last minute. We hope you liked this post and that you found it useful!

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