Amazing marine house in New Zealand

Today we want to show you an amazing marine house Zealand, concretely in the Banks Peninsula. It is a modern house that fits perfectly the area where it is placed and offers a unique hideout to enjoy rest, peace and tranquility.


It is a place designed by the architecture studio Pattersons that had the difficult task of constructing a house in a difficult piece of land and trying to fit the place in which it is located. With the images we can see they’ve achieved it. It is a place where everyone would like to spend their holidays.

The cliff, one of the house’s main attractive


One of the main attractives of this house are the lovely views it has. It is a place with some cliff and it is made to be romantic. It is a place to celebrate something special and rest as it is only accessible by helicopter.

In this house you’ll have all the intimacy you want without worrying about being observed. It has really big windows but with all the privacy needed.

Local materials for the construction


To make this house, architects have used local materials so that the house fits the naturl space in which it is located. That’s why we can find rocks that give this house a rustic look and at the same time they combine perfectly with the rest of the house.


Apart from rocks, they have also used  concrete to create the structure of the house. The concrete combines perfectly with the wood used in ceilings and some walls, that makes the space warmer.


The architecture team has taken into account the possible earthquakes of this place and has constructed the house to maximize the security of the guests.


A small house with all what you need


This is not a big house, but it has all the necessary things for a young couple. When coming in, we can find an ample hall, the master bedroom with a bathroom, a living-room and a small kitchen.


We have to mention its ample terrace where we can rest thanks to the marine currents and the waves while observing the great views.

Now that you have seen this house, what do you think about it? Would you like to spend your holidays there?

Hope you enjoyed the article.

Via: Arquitectura ideal.

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