Awesome playgrounds designed by architects

From the time you know these awesome playgrounds designed by architects you’ll want to play in them, although you’re not a small child. Classic and boring playgrounds leave place to these ones and they are absolute works of art.

When we talk about playgrounds we think about areas to let children play and in which we find a lot of different things to play like sledges, rocking horses , swings… But there are some places in the world where some architects wanted to add something more to these parks and they have made its design. In that way, they have not only made children happy but also make their parents jealous as they can’t play there.

Swarovski Kristallwelten Playground, Austria


Wibit Sports GmbH, Germanyarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-2

Hakone Playground, Japanarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-3

Silver Towers Playground, New Yorkarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-4

Gulliver Park, Valenciaarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-5

Mirror Park, Copenhaguenarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-6

Ghost Train Park, Peruarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-7

Cocodrile, Sao Pauloarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-8

The National Arboretun, Australiaarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-9

City Museum, St. Louis, Missouriarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-10

Kristineberg Slottspark , Stockholmarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-11

Brumlebyen, Copenhaguenarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-12

Blue whale, Swedenarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-13

Play Towers, Copenhaguenarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-14

Train Station, Denmarkarquitectos-creanparques-infantiles-15

Did you like these playgrounds? Would you like to play there?

Via: Arquitectura Ideal

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