Centerpiece made with a pumpkin

Hi everyone! Today we want to share with you an idea about how to make a beautiful centerpiece with a pumpkin.

It is a very original idea that fits well in rustic spaces with romantic or eco look. I particularly love the nature so I love to decorate with flowers. If apart from that you have a pumpkin, you can make something a beautiful as the project we bring here today.

For the ones who like growing pumpkins, this is a great opportunity to incorporate all your effort and passion to your home décor.


In the first and the second photos we can see how we can use pumpkins as a base, but you can see at the third photograph that you can also cover them with flowers.

You can paint them in colors and use the flowers you want. In the first photograph you can see a pumpkin beautifully painted in white.

This combinations can create more elegant decoration but if you like colors, you can use the options on the right part of the photographs that are more original and colorful.

As you can see, you can make a lot of kinds of centerpieces using pumpkins as a base. There are a lot of different pumpkins with different shapes and sizes so you have endless possibilities.

It is an easy and beautiful way to make your own centerpiece and make your home feel closer to the nature.

Do you like this craft?

Via: Decoración 2.0

Picture: Mazelmoments

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