Solutions for small flats, use your imagination!

Space is something quite controversial in decoration. We’re tired of seeing splendid homes that are out of reach for us and we want decorations for our small flats! Today, we want to share with you some examples and solutions for small flats that will help you make the most of the space you have. We are going to show you some tricks for transforming some squared meters in a fit to live in space full of beautiful details.

Elevated beds

It’s very common keeping stuff under the bed to take advantage of the space. So, why don’t you elevate your bed if you have high ceilings? You can opt for an elevated bed and create a practical workspace under it.


Or just put some wide drawers where you can keep clothes, bed sheets and other things like towels, that take a lot of space.

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You can even create a room above the living room.

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Or hanging your bed in a mezzanine, between the living room and your attic’s terrace.


Make the most of every corner

The most important thing is making the most of corner. Take advantage of the warm months for preparing a small terrace where you can enjoy the good weather. A little chair, cushions and some beautiful plants will make you feel like your small flat is a bit bigger.


Wardrobes are essential, so, if you have to give up high ceilings for having a superb and functional wardrobe, don’t hesitate! Moreover, you can also take advantage of the gap under the stairs.

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Loft rooms are great for creating additional spaces like the one in the following picture.


Practical, beautiful and small kitchens

You don’t need a dream kitchen for cooking. In your daily routine, you’ll have to do things fast. That’s why a small kitchen is a very practical idea for taking advantage of the time you have with just the necessary space.




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