Colors for your baby’s bedroom

If you are going to have a baby soon I’m sure you want to have everything in order when the baby comes.

It is normal being busy at that time with the baby’s bedroom, thinking about the color that best fits your place. Today we bring here some ideas to help you so that you choose your favorite one.

baby room 1


The first idea for decorating your baby’s bedroom is to paint the walls in light grey and combine it with colorful furniture. In that way you’ll have a really modern decoration

baby room 2

Black and white

Maybe this color combination sounds a bit weird for a baby’s bedroom, but if you just paint one wall in black and the rest in white, the result is just perfect and I’m sure you’ll like it. A good idea is using black chalk paint so that when your baby grows up, he or she can paint that wall without any problem.

baby room 3


It is a really good option painting the bedroom in light green. You can paint some animals in the walls to simulate a jungle. It is a really funny decor!

baby room 4

Pastel blue

If you like vintage style and you want to use it in your baby’s bedroom, you can use this color in the walls. Although it seems a color just for boys’ bedrooms, you can use it also for girls.

baby room 5


Another idea is using vertical or horizontal stripes in two colors. It is a good option is you want to have a different style in your baby’s bedroom.

I hope you liked the ideas and they served to inspire you.

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Pictures: Pinterest

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