Organize your crafts drawer with Velcro

Markers, paperclips, scissors, tacks, wires, rules, cork, nails, small elastic bands, silicone pistol, clamps, sticks… and any other craft materials you can keep in your crafts drawers. Sometimes, these materials tend to end up in a chaotic drawer where they get lost or they are damaged or ruined. That’s why we wanted to share with you these practical ideas about how to organize your crafts drawer using just some Velcro and little boxes. If you’re looking forward to have a well-organized and beautiful crafts drawer, don’t miss the following tips! An organized crafts drawer is a great base and truly helpful for inspiration.

Organize your crafts drawer with Velcro

The key is placing all the small objects such as glass beads, trinkets, nails, bolts and buttons in little boxes (transparent one if possible since it makes it easier for taking a glance of what is inside without rummaging inside). If you can’t find transparent boxes or you prefer to use some opaque ones that you already have, just take care of specifying what there’s inside with some labels.


The second step is catching all the wires, cords and elastic bands and folding them properly. When they’re perfectly folded you can fix them with Velcro or other sticking material. Finally, you can attach some things like clips or clamps to carton or Velcro so that they are easily accessible and visible when making your crafts. You can even separate your pens and markers in small piles and fix them with some Velcro. With this tips, you’ll be able to have a really well organized crafts drawer.


What do you think about these ideas? Now, you’ll have no excuse for not having your crafts drawer well organized. You can share your ideas with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.


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