How to recycle egg cartons

Don’t throw out your egg cartons! You can make many creative and practical DIY crafts recycling egg cartons. Would you like to know some ideas? Here, we’ll show you some DIY projects with egg cartons that we’ve found interesting and beautiful.

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There is infinity of ideas for making at home in order to recycle egg cartons. You can give them a second chance by providing them a completely different purpose. Don’t you think it’s a good idea?

Lighting your Christmas tree

recycled-egg-cartons-2Source: Jodimichelle

For next Christmas holidays, decorate your tree with beautiful flowers made of carton. Recycle egg cartons, cut the gaps and attach a little bulb to each carton flower. Carton does not get over warmed, so it’ll be ideal for lighting your Christmas tree.

Update your lamps

As you can see in the previous video, you can also use your recycled egg cartons for updating your lamps. It’s a cheap and original way to renew your decoration.

Handcrafts for kids

There are also many ideas for handcrafts you can do with kids. Here, we attach you a video to create a fun snake with egg cartons. There are a lot of possibilities and it’s a great way to surprise you kids and spend some quality time with them.

Tutorial: How to make flowers with egg cartons

Making flowers with egg cartons is a wonderful idea! You’ll find many ways of doing so. You can create beautiful flowers such as roses, tulips, daisies and many others. Here, we want to share with you a tutorial that shows how to make roses with egg cartons.

Decorate your frames

Do you think your photo frames are quite boring? You can decorate them in a very curious way. Use egg cartons in order to create gorgeous white roses and glue them all around the frame with some silicone. You can personalize them with the colors you prefer. Do you like this idea for a vintage style décor?

A small garden at home

recycled-egg-cartons-3Source: Bruce Guenter

Use egg cartons for creating superb seedbeds like this one. This idea is fantastic for germinating your own seeds ath home and the craft is truly eco-friendly.

Soundproof rooms

recycled-egg-cartons-4Source: Atomic Taco

Do you play any instrument? Or do you like recording songs at home? Egg cartons are a good idea for making your bedroom soundproof. Some experts consider that the shape of egg cartons is appropriate for absorbing sound waves. This project is a cheap method for soundproofing. Place the cartons against the wall so that the rounded side is on the outside. Then fix the cartons to the wall with a cramp iron or silicone.

A support for your iPad

recycled-egg-cartons-5Source: instructables

This excellent solution for supporting your mobile phone, iPad or others is interesting. The shape of egg cartons is ideal for cutting them custom-made to create this useful object. Like this, you’ll be able to watch your favorite series and films without holding your devices!

Beautiful flowers centerpiece

recycled-egg-cartons-6Source: cfabbridesigns

This beautiful flowers centerpiece is an impressive centerpiece for spring. You just need an egg carton and some little plastic containers to place the flowers. Choose the flowers you like the most and add some green details. You can get a very colorful result!

Case full of surprises

recycled-egg-cartons-7Source: thisheartofmineblog

Paint egg cartons and you’ll surprise your children with a beautiful DIY case. You can decorate the cases as you prefer and introducing different surprises and games inside. Keep some toys, small animals or your children’s favorite characters. They’ll definitely love it!

Illuminated centerpiece

recycled-egg-cartons-8Source: instructables

Taking advantage of the previous tutorials and tips about making flowers, you’ll find this handcraft much more easy. This beautiful centerpiece is ideal for decorating many surfaces. Paint some carton flowers and attach some LED lights to them. You can use an old fish bowl as container or any other container you like. If the container you choose is transparent, it’ll be perfect for filling it with details such as cute stones in white and grey. What do you think?

Decorate your garden

recycled-egg-cartons-9Source: kidsforsavingearth

Egg cartons are also useful for creating a creative house for birds, as you can see in the previous picture. They can rest, eat and drink there. For adding some water, you should place a plastic container in some of the egg carton’s gaps. Try to balance the weight so that it doesn’t fall over. Although, it’ll be well attached thanks to the strings.

Organizing your kitchen

recycled-egg-cartons-10Source: thriftyfun

Using egg cartons as organizers is also a good idea to place your vegetables in the kitchen. Like this, you’ll make the most of the space you have and you’ll be able to have the different vegetables well separated.

Chocolates box!

recycled-egg-cartons-11Source: Amy’s Ice Creams

Use your recycled egg cartons for personalizing a cute chocolates box! Paint the carton the way you like and place some thin paper in the gaps where you’ll put the chocolates and sweets.

Sometimes, you can just recycle this kind of materials in the pertinent container. With this idea, you can also give your egg cartons a second chance and create gorgeous and practical DIY crafts for your home.

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