Tiny adorable houses

You don’t have to live in a huge palace to live in a confortable way. Today we’ll show you with these tiny adorable houses that apart from being so cute they are comfortable so that everybody could want to live there. The vast majority of the houses we are showing you today are 40 square meters or less but they have something that makes them really special.

Hope you enjoy them.

Sunset Beach Treehouse Bungalow, Hawaii (USA)
tiny house 1
Orcas isle cabin, Washington (USA)tiny house 2
Tom Treehose, Winsconsin (USA)tiny house 3
The gingered swan, Texas (USA)tiny house 4
Hobbit house, Walestiny house 5
Uncle Tom’s cabin, Texas (USA)tiny house 6
The McCullough, Texas (USA)tiny house 7
Macy’s little house, Idaho (USA)tiny house 8
Treehouse Tops, Virginia (USA)tiny house 9
The Hemloft, British Columbia (USA)tiny house 10
John Lautner’s Chemosphere house, California (USA)tiny house 11
Shoe house, Hollandtiny house 12
The A frame cabin, Connecticut (USA)tiny house 13

Troy’s house, Michigan (USA)tiny house 14Source: DominioMundial


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