How to decorate your bedroom with a vintage style

There are some decoration styles that are always in, this is the case of vintage decoration. If you like old stuff, then this is your style. If you want to have a vintage style in your bedroom, then keep reading these ideas.

Talking about the colors, try to make a good color combination. For example, If you use a light color, like beige, then don’t use dark colors like black for the rest of the decoration.

If you have all things you can use as ornaments, clean them well and you can include them in your decoration. If you have shelves on your bedroom, you can put different objects randomly like photos, pots or books to create this retro ambience.

Talking about decorative elements, you can use big cushions in different colors and shapes. The best thing is creating some contrast with the colors. Another idea to create this retro ambience is putting some floral elements.


Choose a bed that fits the other elements in the decoration and the other pieces of furniture.

A good idea is using sheets that combine this vintage décor. As they are so in right now you can find them everywhere.

If you put a big mirror in the same color as the other pieces of furniture, you’ll make the room look more ample and it will fit fantastically with this style.

If you follow this tips, you’ll get that fantastic vintage style.

Via: Decoración 2.0

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