Decorating your bathroom with crystal pots

Today we are going to show you some ideas for decorating your bathroom with crystal pots. They not only look nice but they also serve as a way for organizing your stuff.

As you can see in the image below, you can use these pots for almost everything in your bathroom, so that it looks more sophisticated and tidy.

Source: Pinterest
Source: Pinterest

Another idea could be using these jars as liquid containers. There are some bottles that are not aesthetically pleasant and could ruin our bathroom decoration. You just need to choose an elegant pot and pour the liquid on it. Easy peasy!

Bathroom pot 2
Source: Pinterest

You can combine these pots with other decorative elements like flowers or pictures for giving your decoration a more personalized look.

Bathroom pot 3
Source: Pinterest

Instead of using the jars for storing, you can also use them as vases. Flowers are always a good idea and in this case, they would be a perfect excuse for recycling pots instead of throwing them away.

And instead of flowers, why not to use candles? Candles will give your bathroom a romantic look. You can make pots look even better if you decorate them, as we saw in this article.

Bathroom pot 4 5 6
Source: Pinterest

For the coquettish ones, you can order your make up brushes just with a crystal pot and some sand as we can see in the image below.

Bathroom pot 7
Source: Pinterest

The last idea is putting a wood panel with some pots attached to it. It looks really cool and also helps you to have your things handy.


Bathroom pot 8
Source: Pinterest

Do you have more ideas of how to use crystal pots in your bathroom? Share them with us on Facebook!






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