Captivating bathroom decorations

From minimalist to baroque decorations, there are a lot of possibilities to decorate our bathroom. Everyone has ever seen a bathroom so exotic and amazing that has thought “I’d love to have one!”. Creative tiles decoration for the bathroom floor, bath tubs with surprising designs, flashy color combinations or extravagant bath sinks; the list is endless.

Here, we bring you a selection of some captivating bathroom decorations that will inspire your imagination. They all may not be possible to get, but we can always introduce some fantastic details in our bathroom thanks to these curious ideas!

A bath tub or a pool for your bathroom?

minimalist bathroom

 Minimalist idea for your bathroom

modern bathroom

Color contrast with white and purple

Purple luxury bathroom

Vintage style for your bathroom


Don’t paint the walls, “paint” the bath and the decoration


Transparent bathtub

transparent bath
Source: Pinterest

A cascade in your bath and super views

fabulous bathroom
Source: Pinterest

The perfect bathtub for rain lovers

raining bathroom
Source: Pinterest

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