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Equilibrium, symmetry, simplicity, spirituality. If you are passionate about oriental lifestyle and culture, I’m sure you’ll love this article.

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Main characteristics of Asian style

  1. Asian décor looks for beauty and harmony, you have to look for a peaceful place
  2. It is inspired in oriental countries, although we can find styles for each country, Asian styles takes some aspects of all of them.
  3. The ambiences are simple and ample, with few objects so that the energy can flow. It is very close to minimalism.
  4. Colors remind us to nature: white, toasted, green, red, yellow and some little touches of black.
  5. Furniture is made out of wood and is symmetric, normally in light colors and not so tall. Japanese panels and folding screens are used to divide spaces and plants make the place fresher.
  6. Textiles are made out of silk, cotton and other natural fibers. Forget about modern patterns
  7. They prefer light in the spaces so they use big windows and lamps
  8. They use few but very few decorative elements, they use wood, bamboo, fountains, stones, rice paper and bonsai trees. Also candles and incense.

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If you like this kind of décor now it is easy. You just have to take into account these ideas.

Via: Decoración 2.0

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