Black and white kitchen + dinning room

Today, we would like to share this beautiful black and white kitchen + dinning room decoration. Black and white decorations are certain; they can fit with almost any style. Moreover, this combination of colors is perfect for visually dividing a room in different spaces.

When we talk about kitchen decorating and especially, when we have a spacious room for it (like in this case), we think a lot about having much space for cooking and if possible, a small table for dinning. Nevertheless, this isn’t always the most practical option. Sometimes, it’s better and more useful, leaving less countertops and space for cooking and saving some space for the dinning room table. It’s easier organizing efficiently our space while cooking in order to have a more comfortable space for dinning, especially when we have guests at home.


As you can see in the picture, the heart of the kitchen is the dinning table, and the countertops just take up the sides of the room. They’ve made a perfect contrast with black and white. Black tones are used in the central part of the kitchen. Like that, the main cooking space and the table are surrounded by white and the decoration looks perfectly matched. The contrast between the black table and the white chairs is just fantastic! Finally, the last thing we’d love to talk about is the visual division of this black and white kitchen + dinning room. We can easily notice three lines of colors, white at right and left and black in the center. With some imagination, you can visualize that it looks like a striped kitchen!

We hope you liked this idea for a black and white kitchen + dinning room decoration. You can see more kitchen designs in this post.

Via decoración 2.0

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