Urban art to decorate the streets

You don’t have to go to visit museums to see art. You can see amazing things just going for a walk thanks to street art. These are some of my favorite urban art pieces I have found on the internet. This is considered to be illegal but in my opinion it is just art and it is a gorgeous way of decorating the streets.

Hope you like these pieces.

Hair, Fort de France, Martinica

art 13

Bicycle, George Town, Malasiaart 12
Ostrich, Rome, Italyart 11
Sumart 10
Spidermanart 5
Face, Toronto, Canadaart 1
Giants, Bialystok, Poloniaart 2
World, Spainart 3
Scream, Franceart 8
Bird, Greceart 7
Smokeart 6
Bob, Franceart 9
Frog,art 4

Source: DominioMundial

Eva Osuna

Marketing student based in Madrid. Passionate of languages and handcrafting. Interested in design, arts, fashion and communication. Tavelling and food lover.

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