DIY beanbag for kids

We have seen different versions of this decorative item. It is one kind of armchair, very comfortable that can be placed everywhere and that it is very useful when we don’t have much space to place chairs or because both adults and children love them. Today’s idea is that you make this puff for your children or to give as a present to someone you love.

Source: Fab Art DIY
Source: Fab Art DIY

What you need

For following this tutorial you need a piece of fabric that is resistant enough. You should use one color that fits the space in which you want to place the puff. As it is for children, it is better if you choose a bright and happy color. Then you will need a piece of paper, a pencil and a pair of scissors to do the pattern. You also need cotton to put inside the puff and a sewing machine.

It is a really good and cheap idea. You just have to invest some money on the fabric. It must be resistant because it is for kids use and they normally are not as careful as adults and also because it will be on the floor and it must resist the brushes.

How to do it

First, you have to print the pattern and then adapt it to the size you want to do it. Use the pattern as a base to cut the fabric. Sew the pieces of fabric to form the puff. The put cotton inside the fabric until it is completely full. You have to choose cotton specially made for this kind of things so that it has the shape needed and it is comfortable.

Then sew the part that remain and that’s all! Place it in your favorite place or in the place your kids normally play and enjoy it. It will look amazing, it is very practical and kids love it!

You’ll create something funny and comfy!

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