Eco-friendly cleaning products: how to clean carpets

Ecological cleaning products are a superb alternative to clean every kind of things at home. If you like to follow homemade or natural tips to clean your home, you’ll love this post! Today, we’ll talk about some green ideas to clean your carpets.

If you want that your carpets last for a long time, you should take care of them properly. These decorative textiles trap a lot of dust, since they’re on the floor day after day. The most basic is shaking them well every so often to remove the dirt or vacuuming in order to clean any dust or dirt perfectly.

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However, when your carpets stain, you can choose between ecological or chemical cleaning products. When you buy a new product, always read the instructions of use to avoid ruining the fabric. If you’re thinking about green and natural alternatives for removing your stains and cleaning your carpets, take a look at the following tips.

Eco-friendly tips for cleaning your carpet

  1. Bicarbonate of soda: first, clean the dust and after that, lay out well the carpet and sprinkle it generously with bicarbonate of soda. Leave it like that during several hours; for example, you can do it at night and vacuuming it in the morning. This trick is perfect for removing satins and smells. What is more, you can use it on the whole carpet or just in part of the surface.
  2. Liquid detergent: dilute it with water, following the instructions of your specific detergent. Once it’s mixed, add a layer over the stains. Avoid that the carpet gets too wet, just scrub the stained area with a hard bristle brush. After that, leave the carpet dry hanging the wet surface. When the soap’s layer is dry, vacuum it well and it’s done!
  3. Clean stains as fast as possible: don’t let them strain or harden. If you’ve noticed that any liquid or fat has fallen on the carpet, take an absorbent paper to remove as much as you can. Those kinds of stains are terrible if you leave them there for too long. For example, if there’s a stuck gum on your carpet, a good trick is hardening it with ice for removing it.
  4. Vinegar and warm water: if the stains make your carpet smelly, try to clean it with a mixture of warm water and vinegar (half water-half vinegar). Apply it with a cloth, rub softly, let it dry well and remove it with water.

If you know more homemade tips for cleaning, we’d love you share them with us!

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