DIY: Decorating pots with branches

Today we are going to decorate pots with cut branches. It is a clever idea because this time we won’t add the branches vertically as we have traditionally seen in other DIY projects. With a little sew; we will cut all the branches. We must be careful because we have to cut them with the appropriate thickness, in order to fill the whole surface of the pot.

DIY branch pot

Sometimes decorating pots it’s easier than in seems. This time we will use tree prunings or branches we can find on the ground.

Take as much branches as you need and cut them. Then choose the pot you are going to decorate. You can also find these wood pieces in crafts shops.

If you decide to cut them instead of buying the woodies, you have to clean them with alcohol in order to get rid of dust, fat and dirt and make the adhesion to the pot easier.

To fix the cut branches to the pot you can use silicone. Add a small amount and then press the piece of wood to the pot. Wait a couple of seconds and then you can continue fixing the other pieces. Cover all the surface of the pot.

Sand down the pot with the woodies already fixed.

As you can see, this project is very easy. You can see on the image above the steps to do it. When you finish, you can also paint it. If you use colorful paints it will look very original!

If you have some doubts about this project or you want to share other ideas with us, you can write a comment below or write us on Facebook.

Vía: Decoración 2.0

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