Diy mugs

Waking up early and seeing a beautiful mug full of very hot coffee is the best way to start the day. Of course all mugs have the same function, but a beautiful one can make you see the world more beautiful. If it has a beautiful message it can make you smile from the very first moment of the day.

mug 18

Mugs are also a great present. They are a great way of being present in someone’s daily life, so you can also use today’s article if you are thinking about something nice to give to someone you love.

Of course there are really beautiful and lovely mugs in shops, but today we want you to make a little effort and try to make your own mug. The good thing is that you can customize it to your tastes and you can even change it to fit your decoration.


You have endless possibilities and today we want to show you some, do you want to see them? Then keep looking at this article.

I love you a whole latte

mug 1


mug 2

Good morning beautiful

mug 3

I donut care

mug 4


mug 6

Little monstersmug 5Harry Potter

mug 7


mug 8


mug 9

You are my sunshine

mug 10

Blue pattern

mug 11

Colorful pattern

mug 12


mug 13

Simple pattern

mug 14

LovePostmug 15

mug 16

One in a minion

mug 17


mug 19

Pictures: pinterest

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