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Today we want to bring here some ideas to make your best friends’ place a comfortable and a beautiful space. We normally focus just on the living-room or the kitchen but there’s a lot to do out of that spaces. When you become a DIY or a decoration lover, you try to make every space as beautiful as it can be, and this can be an example of making your home a work of art.

In this case, it is not just about decoration but about trying to show your love to your pet. They give you a lot of love and this is a way to give that love back. They can enjoy a good place as much as you do so if you know this, I’m sure you’ll love this article.

And if you love DIY, why don’t you do it yourself? It is the best way to make this to the people you love and also a good way to save money, so if you like how this sound, here you have the ideas we have collected.

Food cans


A place to relaxdog2
A little customized spacedog3
Cute bowls made with logsdog4
Cute hangerdog5
Positive words, always a good optiondog6
A place to store everythingdog7
A dog bed and a little tabledog8
Their own beddog9
And aso their own bedroomdog10
And they can also have their design bedroomdog11

Hope you enjoyed them and you practice the ideas we love.

Pictures: Pinterest

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