DIY potato print projects

DIY projects are an awesome idea if you want to decorate your home and you have a low budget, but also for other things. They give you the ability to personalize your space and make it unique. They also give you the ability to combine perfectly your new items with your current decor, therefore they are perfect if you want to make some small refurbishings.

Today we want to bring here something special. A DIY technique that can give you the ability to make endless things, with few materials and very creative. You’ll be able to decorate almost everything and in your favorite colors. If you want to know what we are talking about, keep reading.


How to make potato prints



The article today is about potato printing. It is what it seems like, you’re going to use potatoes to stamp your favorite designs. The good thing about this crafts is that it can be adapted to your level of skills. You can start with easy patterns and if you like it, try some more difficult ones.


If this is your first potato print project, here you have an awesome trick. You can use cookie moulds to create your favorite shape, You don’t need special skills for this because it is very easy. You have to put a cookie mould in a potato and then cut with a knife the potato outside the mould. In that way, you’ll have your DIY stamp.


When you improve your technique, you’ll be able to create designs directly on the potato using a knife.

Then, you just have to use your favorite color or the color that fits your decoration and choose a surface in which to stamp.

Some stamping ideas


Your first project should be an easy one. Maybe you put a lot of paint or the potato slides, so it is better to do it on an unexpensive surface. The best idea is trying to make a card like the one above.


You can also use this patterned paper to wrap your presents. Look at this example, it looks amazing and it is really easy.


When you have some practice, you can start with textiles. My tip is to start with small ones like these individual table cloths. As you can see, the color combination is something important, look how amazing look yellow and blue in this picture.


These tote bags are another easy example of potato stambing on fabric. You can do different ones so that they fit your style.


Then you’ll be able to stamp bigger pieces of fabric, like the one above. As you can see, potato stamping is not just for cheap styles, put it can fit a modern decor, making it funnier and special.


Curtains are another place where you can stamp your favorite designs. An idea like this one can fit perfectly your living room. The green leaves make your place fresher with an easy design.

Hope you enjoyed this article.

Pictures: Pinterest

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