DIY projects for decorating your home

DIY decoration is a trend, that’s why today we want to share with you some DIY projects for decorating your home. All the decorative elements you create for your home will transform it into a unique place.

The DIY decorative movement makes decoration cheaper and it also strengthens our creativity and art skills. We can plan DIY projects and create our decorative elements according to our own tastes. Moreover, this is trend is also environmentally friendly since we can reuse old objects we already have and recycle materials to create new gorgeous products.

If you’re looking forward to make new DIY projects, you can find inspiration, tips and ideas all around Internet. Today, we want to collaborate to the DIY world with some beautiful ideas for creating your own decorative elements and furniture. You can decorate your home with DIY furniture using every resource you have at home and the most important thing is that you make it be original and unique. If you can recycle some materials or old objects, it will be even better!

Decorating with pallets

Pallets are essential when talking about DIY decoration. Apart from cheap, pallets are recyclable and you can make a lot of DIY projects with them. From mattress base or a sofa to flower pots and shelfs, this tool allows you to make whatever you want or need. You can transform it, painting it or just varnishing it. You can even use them as bedside panels. There’s no doubt that they are a great resource that you can have into account while decorating your home.

DIY-projectsSource: Pretty Prudent

Decorating with ladders

DIY es a trend that collaborates with the environment and recycling. Before throwing anything away, try to give it a second chance. It’s probable that you find a second use for almost everything in your house. It doesn’t matter if its an old drawer or frame, a ladder or a carton box. You can create a DIY project and achieve gorgeous results. For example, the following ladder has been painted and attached to the wall in order to use it as a shelf and as an open wardrobe at the same time. It can be a good idea for a laundry room with not much space available.

DIY-projects2Source: Decoideal

We’ve already mentioned other ideas for reusing ladders in your decoration. And it’s true that if you know how to do it, you can provide all your spaces with a really original touch. You can decorate a bedroom, use the ladder as a coat stand, as a shelf or as many other decorative elements.

For example, the following picture is an example of how useful a ladder can become to be. From an only ladder you can achieve various shelfs where keeping kitchen tools, books or whatever you want.

DIY-projects3Source: Decoideal

An original bedside panel for your bedroom

Bedside panels are also part of the DIY projects we want to share with you today. There are many ideas for making DIY bedside panels. In this case, we want to show the following idea where they’ve used an old door as bedside panel. This design is perfect for vintage or more rustic decorations. But you can create a lot of designs with old doors depending on your style and tastes.

DIY-projects4Source: Slumberdesigns

DIY objects for decorating

Finally, we also want to share an idea for decorating small spaces. There are many DIY projects you can do for decorating small parts of your house, such as the walls. In this case, we bring you an original frame with flowers. You’ll just need a frame (you can use a frame of an old mirror you don’t need anymore) and some dry, plastic or paper flowers. You can paint the frame or leave it as it is, it’s up to you. The results, as you can see in the following picture, are wonderful!

Moreover, if you’d like to use natural fresh flowers for decorating the wall, it’s possible. However, you’ll need to change it really often since they’ll dry fast because of the lack of watering.

DIY-projects5Source: The Mrs & Momma Birds

This ecological trend is an opportunity for restoring you furniture and decoration, and adapting it to your own tastes. With some DIY projects, you’ll have an unique house at the same time you enjoy your time creating your own decorative elements and furniture.

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