Easy and cheap summer ideas

Summer is here and your home still looks boring? Ok, it is true that renovations are expensive and that if your home looks good, there’s no reason to buy new stuff. But if your home needs something more, here you have a good idea to make your home look more colorful in summer.

This is not about refurbishing your whole house but about adding some little ornaments, cushions and other little touches to your home, and in this case we look for summery touches.

Here you have these ideas, I hope you enjoy them.

Fruits doormat

summer decor 3

Paint an old piece of furniture in bright colorssummer decor 4
Put some seashells garlandssummer decor 5
A hammock is always a good ideasummer decor 6
Happy words, happy lifesummer decor 7
Buy some bright things, like these chairssummer decor 8
Create your DIY pineapple lampsummer decor
Cushions, the best idea for a cheap refurbishingsummer decor2

Pictures: Pinterest

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