A Scrabble decoration for your living room

Do you like board games? Is Scrabble your favourite board game? Then, you may love this Scrabble decoration for your living room. Scrabble is a mythical board game that never goes out of fashion. This idea of a Scrabble decoration has been made by Stephen Reed in collaboration with Alistair Wilmmot. The design includes cushions for the London agency offices Bloomberg and the cushions look like Scrabble pieces. It’s a fun and original decoration for an office and it must be really motivating!


But, what if we introduce this Scrabble decoration in our home? It can be a interesting decorating for a living room. Like this, when you spend time there with your family and friends, you can also play a great board game. It can also be a superb way for leaving messages to your couple or family. Moreover, it can also be a beautiful idea introducing this Scrabble decoration to a bedroom. You can use some cushions to write a message on your bed.


The original idea includes wood sofas, which is very original but not too comfortable. However, you can adapt it to your living room in order to make a more comfortable and functional Scrabble decoration.

Via decoesfera

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