How to avoid allergies at home

Your home is the best place to be safe. Nevertheless, there are some aspects that can improve to make our home safer, especially if you are allergic.


In the 21st century allergy is a common illness. In fact, around 25% of the population is allergic and in 2020 this will increase to 40%.

If you or anyone in your home is allergic, you should learn some tips to make your place healthier. Here you have some measures that will help you reduce this risk.

Tips to make your home a healthy place.


We live in a time of constant changes and evolution and this is also reflected in our way of decorating our homes. We have some new materials available that apart from helping us decorating in a different way, they make our life easier. The problem is that we don’t know if they can be bad for our health.

You can make your home a safer place and here we tell you how.

Mites out!


Respiratory allergies are one of the most common and affect a lot of people. If this is your case, you should control the mites, these microscopic creatures that can turn into a nightmare to an allergic person.  But with these tips, they can be out of your life.

The first and most important thing is: don’t store everything.  This should be a philosophy because the fact of storing useless things is completely nonsense. They just serve to have dust and mites and they also reduce your space.


With this done, you should have your home clean and ventilated. Open your windows! This is the first way to breath fresh air. Then, plan your housework so that they don’t turn into an obsession. You should have a good vacuum cleaner with HEPA filters to vacuum even the smallest things.

You can also buy an air purifier to clean the ambience of allergens and other particles like dust and mites. You should also get used to wash your home textiles and do it in a temperature higher than 50º to eliminate all the mites

What substances to avoid?


There are a lot of substances and materials that are better out of your home. Some are more dangerous than others and some of them are even present in the construction materials of our home, then is difficult to avoid them. But if you reduce their use, you’ll make your home a better place

One of these substances are the air fresheners. They used to be made with natural products but now they are made with chemical substances (because they are cheaper). You should say n to this kind of products and bet for natural ones to eliminate bad odors (like lemon or bicarb). Essential oils are also a good option. And talking about cleaning products, it’s better if they don’t have perfumes.

Improve the quality of water


It is clear that tap water is safe to our health, but it contains substances like chlorine,  pesticides and lead that are really bad for our health. Today we bring here some tips to improve its quality.

You can start by installing sinks with active carbon filters. It is the system that the new pitchers that purify water have. You should take into account that you must change the filter from time to time.

Be careful with radiations


Mobile phones, Wi-Fi, wireless gadgets… We are surrounded by radiations and electromagnetic waves that can affect our health. It is difficult to avoid them but there are ways to protect us.

For example try to avoid wireless signals. Turn off the router at night and don’t sleep next to the mobile phone. You should also turn off the things that are close to your bed because they can affect your rest time.

I hope these recommendations help your place safer.

Via: Decoración 2.0

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