Easy DIY projects to make with clothespins

The use of clothespins is mainly to hold the clothes while they dry. Apart from that, we can use them for other purposes, for example, for the DIY projects we bring here today.

The use of clothespins for other purposes is not something new, I think we all have used them when we were children to make some artistic projects at school. I remember when I went to school and we made this kind of projects for father’s or mother’s day. At that time, DIY projects were not a trend as they are today. Today we have a lot of opportunities and different projects available on the net and we want to bring here some of them to inspire you and encourage you to make some original craft. You just need some clothespins, a bit of inspiration and some time.

Candle holder


Wall agendapins2

Cable tidypins3

Beautiful wall artpins4
Candle holder or flowerpotpins5
A way to organize your scarfspins6
A way to have your best memories always in your mindpins7
An awesome DIY wedding giftpins8
Kid-sized football tablepins9
Kids gamespins10
Create your own pieces of jewelrypins11
A funny way to pack your snackspins12

Hope you liked the article.

Via: Dominio Mundial

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