Elastic shelves, a new decoration concept

Arianna Vivenzio, an Argentinian designer, has brought us this new decoration concept. Classical wooden shelves let this new idea come, an original design with flexible bands: the elastic shelves.

As we can imagine by its name, they are elastic and resistant bands that are placed in the wall with two metallic supports and are used as a common shelves, but with a higher utility.

elastic shelve 1

The supports can be bigger or smaller depending on the band we are going to use. What makes this shelves different is that the shape of the shelve will depend on the object we put on it. It can be bigger, smaller, longer, etc. The shape of the object will determine the one of the shelve, this means that we can change our decoration just changing what we put on the shelve.

Without the slightest doubt, these shelves are the perfect candidate for modern and minimalistic decoration. What a brilliant idea the one of Arianna Vivenzio!


Did you like the idea? Would you include it in your decoration?

Via: Decoración 2.0

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