Elevators with amazing designs

Elevators are everywhere nowadays: houses, institutional buildings, hotels, attractions… They are a useful invention that has also be used for creating wonderful engineering constructions. Today, we want to share with you some elevators with amazing designs that we love. We’ve collected some amazing designs that go from the most impressive to the most fun and witty.

Some of these elevators with amazing designs are integrated in the nature, others integrate nature in their design and others just use the latest technologies.

Elevator in Hammetschwand, Switzerland

amazing-elevator-designSource: arquitecturaideal

This elevator almost is part of the landscape and it provides a wonderful view of the territory.

Santa Justa Elevator in Lisbon, Portugal

Source: arquitecturaideal

This elevator gives you the chance of admiring the city of London from the highest point. The overview that provides you the top of this amazing elevator is wonderful.

Shin Umeda City Elevator

amazing-elevator-design3Source: arquitecturaideal

The architect Hiroshi Hara built this incredible elevator. You have to use an exterior elevator in order to arrive to this one, for enjoying the experience of being floating on top of the city.

Globen Skyview, Switzerland

amazing-elevator-design4Source: the-rdn

This spheric elevator is a wonder of engineering. It allows you to have spectacular views of the city.

A witty decoration for an elevator

amazing-elevator-design5Source: oddee

This witty decoration is a great advertising idea.

An elevator filled with Coca-cola Zero

amazing-elevator-design6Source: adsoftheworld

Another witty advertising campaign incorporated in an elevator.

An elevator inside of an aquarium

amazing-elevator-design7Source: slightlywarped

amazing-elevator-design7-1Source: slightlywarped

This amazing elevator is located in the Radisson SAS Hotel in Berlin. Its cylindrical aquarium is filled with about 900,000 litres of seawater and contains around 2,600 fishes of 56 species. This a real attraction that is worth visiting.

We hope you liked this collection of elevators with amazing designs. Have you already visited some of them?

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