Extraordinary design beds you’ll dream to have at home!

Do you like design beds? Today, we want to share with you some astonishing pieces of furniture for decorating your bedroom.

Flashy and comfortable structures

design-bed-1Source: Mazzali

We bring you some superb design beds where resting must be amazing. Comfortable and different to every bed we’re used to… These design beds will captivate you!

Circular bed

design-bed-2Source: archiproducts

This bed is great and it can also be transformed into a sofa. It’s called SCOOP TONDO and its special feature is that it becomes a confortable and completely circular bed.

The bed is composed by two pieces that can be connected by a steel zip. Besides, one of the pieces has wheels so that it can be moved easily. This design bed is perfect for the most sophisticated and innovative ones.

Floating bed

design-bed-3Source: universearchitecture

The trick are the magnets placed on the floor. Like this, the structure remains stable on the air. Its aspect is impressive and innovative.

Do you like hammocks?

design-bed-4Source: lebeanock

This bed by LE BEANOCK is perfect for small houses and perfect for our guests and friends. You can unhang it when you don’t need so that it doesn’t take you any space.

Do you like beds with canopy?

design-bed-5Source: josephwalshstudio

This bed is impressive and its beautiful lines and shape create an ideal design. The silk canopy provides a fantasy touch. This design bed is known as Enignum Canopy and it seems to be truly comfortable!

Are you looking for harmony?

design-bed-6Source: Alessio Pappa

This Yin-Yang design is double function. These two beds inside of a circular shape are really original. This artistic design can provide your home with a unique appearance.

The softest bed!

design-bed-7Source: lago

If you are looking for comfort, beds with soft “walls” will make your bed feel like a nest. This bed, called Colletto, is comfortable and cozy. Moreover the soft “walls” have three positions: open, half-closed or completely closed. The closed one is the most private and relaxing.

Do you like control?

design-bed-8Source: mathieulehanneur

This bed is designed in order to let you control the curtains, the temperature and the lighting. You can leave it open (as in the picture) or you can close it. Its columns make it look like a palace and its colors provide this design bed with a modern style.

Youthful bedroom

design-bed-9Source: animicausa

This bed is made of 120 soft balls, which are truly pleasant when you touch them. Its big size is perfect for those who like having a wide space for moving while sleeping. This witty design is ideal for couples, children or anyone who like innovation and comfort!

Do you need a bunk?

design-bed-10Source: mimondo

Bunks are always a functional solution for saving space in a bedroom. Today, we leave you this exclusive design of Gudiksen, called Wave 2. Its modern design is spectacular.

The arches are made of molding sheet, which allows this bed to be a unique piece never seen in the world of furniture design. This piece of furniture is handmade with high quality materials.

Bed made of fluffy rope

design-bed-11Source: baukeknottnerus

This exhibition bed is wonderful! Would you dare to have one of this at home? It would give your home a unique style.

Do you like reading?

design-bed-12Source: inkpression

Now, you can literally immerse you in a book! Yusuke Suzuki has created this gorgeous design. This design bed is full of creativity and its quite functional for shared bedrooms.

These designs are excellent ideas for filling your home with creativity, fantasy and modernism. We hope they were of inspiration for your own styles and decorations. Which one did you like the most? Would you like to try one of these innovative and odd design beds?

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