Grey and White decor

Good morning everyone! Today we will toalk about decorating with some simple colors: grey and White.

If you are looking for a different decoration that make your place look more elegant and interesting, then you have found what you need.

grey white 1 grey white 3

Grey color symbolizes elegance and we have endless tonalities to choose the one that fits our place better. We can implement both grey and white in endless ways.

Paint, walls, textiles, furniture or ornaments, you can go from dark grey to white to choose the color of all these things.

You can also use some materials like stones or wood to make you feel closer to the nature and make your decoration more relaxing.

grey white 4

Decorating in these colors is awesome and here you have some ideas to inspire you.

Try to use one of the colors as a main character and then use some ornaments of the other color. If you don’t know which one to choose, then think about the meters you have available.

grey white 2

If you have a small home, then use white because you will make your place look brighter and bigger.

If you have more space you can use grey as the main character.

It’s up to you! Play with these two colors and you’ll have awesome results.

grey white 5

Hope you liked the article.

Via: Decoración 2.0

Pictures: Pinterest

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