Hipster indoor decor

One of the last trends is Hipster style and it has also influence our decoration, do you want to know how?

One of this year’s decoration trends is that that comes close to the independent music, the minorities and an alternative way of life. It has a nostalgic character and vintage touches, with a lot of personality

In this post we are going to show you some ideas that are inspired by this style. If you want to know them, keep reading!


What does hipster mean?

Is that group of people that have vintage, independent and alternative taste. Are that people that are against commercial culture, against what is mainstream. They are the ones that prefer organic food and hand-made products.

It is a retrograde style, with vintage influence and varied and antique patters. In the décor world we’ll see some ideas like using old and daily products that are now fashionable.

Decorating with bikes


They are a must. It is one of the most characteristic things of this style due to its nostalgic and eco nature. One way of not polluting the environment is using bikes. That’s why they are now part of hipster decoration.


The idea of decorating with bikes is not as the one we have known until now, it is completely different. Now we are going to use bikes almost everywhere, in the bathroom, hanging on a wall, as a shelve… There are also some people that prefer to decorate just with one part like the wheels or the seat.

Nostalgic décor

As we have told you, this is a very nostalgit trend. We use vintahe furniture, with interesting patterns and things that are really personal and intimate. We also use funny posters or posters with old films or music groups. We also use vinyl records and writing machines as ornaments.

Moustache as a must


Something very characteristic of this style is the moustache symbol. We can find it in telephones, patters, posters, almost everywhere. It is a little thing that looks really original and that we particularly love.

There are other objects that are characteristic of this style like glasses or flowers. We can see them combined with bikes and moustaches and they all have an own identity and we all recognize them as very hipster.


Open spaces

A static touch and an ample sensation can complete this style.  Different tonalities of brown, wood and pastel colors complement this kind of spaces really well.


Rustic ornaments also fit in this décor and we not only use wooden furniture but also animal figures (synthetic ones, of course!) to make the place special. One of the most used ones are deers.

What differences it from pure vintage style is that hipster style is not so overloaded. It thinks about having special things but using open concepts.


When it comes to using this style you don’t need a huge budget because it defines itself as being independent and alternative. Simple canvas, old bikes, book, flowers, photo cameras… Let your imagination flow. You can obtain amazing results.

Via: Decoración 2.0

Pictures: Pinterest

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