Transform an egg carton into an original box

Do you need an original box for a gift or for keeping small objects? Today, we want to tell you about how to transform an egg carton into an original box.

We aren’t usually conscious about all the containers we throw away and that can be useful for creating original handcrafts with gorgeous designs. Decorating with recycled objects has become a trend around the world of decoration. Moreover, this DIY trend is good not also for saving money and having fun creating beautiful crafts, but also for cooperating with the environment. In this case, transforming an egg carton into an original box can be a good activity to do with the little ones of the house and to teach them how important recycling is.

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We often throw away egg cartons without wondering if they could be useful for something else. That’s why today, we want to share with you this recycling idea that will inspire you to transform an egg carton into an original box. Let’s begin!

What will we need?

The main element we need is, obviously, an egg carton.  But we couldn’t do anything without some extra materials that will transform our egg carton into a gorgeous box. Here, we attach the list of the necessary materials:

  • Egg cartons
  • Small and big brushes
  • Different paints
  • Glue
  • Accessories for decorating: pita fibre, stickers, glitter, decorative paper, labels…
  • Colourful laces

How will we decorate our egg carton?

Handcrafting can be a really gratifying activity since we create our own decoration and we can create it according to our style. There is a wide range of possibilities for decorating an egg carton. We can opt for different styles and make as many as we need. Today, we bring you some examples to inspire you to create your own ones.

The first step for decorating an egg carton is reviewing the colour of the carton, because if it’s a pale tone, it will be much easier. Anyway, thanks to the kind of material, it won’t be too difficult. The only problem can be that we have to put more layers of paint if the egg carton is darker. You can also use spray paint.

decorating-egg-cartons2Source: Designmom

Then, when you have chosen your colours, you can start painting. Try to wait until the layers are dry for applying the following ones. When all the layers of paints are ready, wait until it’s completely dry and apply the finish you want for your original box. Choose a texture or a design that fit your decoration.

Decorating with accessories

For creating special styles, we can use paint and design geometrical shapes such as triangles, lines, squares, circles, etc. We can also add stickers, glitter or any texture we want for our original box.

decorating-egg-cartons3Source: Designmom

If you want to make a gift and you want to provide it with a personal and original touch, this is a great idea for making the perfect gift. An original box which is handmade and therefore is unique.

For finishing our original box made with an egg carton, we’ll add the final touch, the laces. Something simple and original that provides a lot of elegance to our box. We can use one or more laces with different colours. For doing so, you can use remnants in order to save some money and making the most of the material you already have at home.

decorating-egg-cartons4Source: Designmom

These examples we see in the pictures are just some ideas for creating an original box with egg cartons, but there are infinity of possibilities you can create with some imagination. We hope you liked this post. You can share more ideas with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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