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Summer is finally here and today in becoration we have an idea to get the most out of it. Do you want to know what we are talking about? Then keep reading!

Summer is the best season to use your garden or terrace and we all love to do it. The problem is that sometimes in winter we forget about it, and when summer arrives, our garden is a complete mess.

It is true that maybe it’s a bit late to talk about this… but it is never too late to enjoy.

Therefore we want to bring here a cheap and awesome DIY project to spend your summer in your terrace with your loved ones and not spend all your summer budget.

Summer is the best season to make parties and there’s nothing better than having your own outdoor bar to make them.

If you are the king of the party but you don’t want to make a huge hole in your budget, this is your idea.

Here you have some of the best ideas we have found online to make your own outdoor bar.

The outdoor bar

The first one is a basic outdoor bar, very colorful and fresh. You just have to make a basic table with place to store your drinks and paint it in your favorite color. As you can see, it looks awesome in green.

Outdoor bar 1

For the second idea you need an old piece of furniture that you want to restore. With what you think is rubbish, you can make this awesome project that looks really summery and keeps your drinks cold.

Outdoor bar2

The following one is the ultimate one. It is big, complete and it just looks amazing. You just need some recycled pallets and paint them in your favorite colors. In some hours you can make something to enjoy the whole summer.

Outdoor bar 4

And if you don’t have enough space, it’s not a problem. Look at this awesome furniture and think about all the things you can do with it.

Outdoor bar 3

And if you want more…

That was not all, we also have some other things to make your garden a place to enjoy.

You can also use the pallets to make an auxiliary table. It is easy and very useful.

Outdoor bar 5

If you want to keep your beverages cod, here you have a really good and beautiful idea!

Outdoor bar 8

If you also want to have a place to relax, look what you can also do with pallets.

outdoor bar 6

And if you complement it with some barrel-tables, you’ll get an awesome rustic look.

Outdoor bar 7

You can also use barrels to make a big table to enjoy dinner before the party.

Outdoor bar 9

That was all for today.

Hope you enjoyed the article.

Pictures: Pinterest

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