How to decorate creative offices for motivated enterprises!

The office can be like a second home. Some employees spend a lot of hours in the office, that’s why it’s very important that they feel as confortable as possible within those walls. Big brands such as Google, Facebook or Apple have been innovating for years in their office’s design, and if we consider their profit, it looks like it works! According to this concept, in this post, we’ll talk about how to decorate creative offices for awakening the employees’ intellect and productivity.

Tips for decorating creative offices


Open spaces

This kind of offices encourages that workers meet and weakens the barriers between bosses and employees. These open spaces tend to remove physical hierarchies and you can see the results when it comes to mix with people.

Motivating offices

As the own title indicates, these spaces motivate employees and that has an effect on productivity and dedication. According to the experts, the people inside of a building, bosses as much as employees, should like being in there. These offices are really useful for employees to interact and as they’re more motivated, it’s easier to come across new and great ideas. Also, if they feel at ease and confortable, they’ll work with more dedication, productivity will be higher and the enterprise’s profit will be increased.


Creative office

They’re unconventional spaces, some of them even amazing, which impress customers and awakens the interest of young talents. Creativity and innovation is the key for trying to transform the office into a fun place where we all would like to work.

How do you get this?


The most important thing is avoiding the hierarchic distribution of traditional offices, which is pretty outdated. It’s necessary that all employees work in the same floor or space and, if possible, an open space where everyone can communicate easily and see each other. Colors are also important, since the dark ones use to make people sad while bright and light colors liven up the team. Moreover, relaxing time is definitely necessary and you should always provide it, that’s why creating separated resting spaces where employees can rest and get away for a while. You can equip it with sofas, coffee makers, drinking fountains, books, games and a well-equipped kitchen. Take a look to the astonishing designs of Google, Farmville, Red Bull or Pixar (which are very trendy) for inspiration.


The technological industry is probably the most innovative sector in designing creative offices, but you can emulate theses spaces in any kind of industry, in a bigger or smaller scale. If you get your staff goes to work happily and active everyday, you’ll see the results. The truth is that you don’t need to be part of the most creative technology or marketing industry for decorating creative offices.

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