Upper beds: A great idea for saving space

Sometimes for optimizing the space, we need new ideas and solution so that our room becomes more practical. Today we bring here some ideas to optimize the space in your bedroom that could be used both for adults and children.

upper bed 1

Upper beds are a great idea for optimizing spaces. If you don’t have a lot of space in your bedroom, putting the bed in an upper place can give us the opportunity for using all the space below the bed. You have to be careful and buy a good and resistant structure.

If the ceiling is like the one in the attic, this could be an idea for saving space. We enjoy a different view from our bed as we have that special ceiling about our heads and at the same time we can use all the space below to put some other pieces of furniture. You’ll have a place to rest and at the same time a lot of space, taking out the most of the space available.

upper bed 2 upper bed 3

All the ideas proposed today has something in common: Upper beds! In small houses we have to be creative and find ways to make our home look more spacious.

You just have to put some stairs to get to the bed and the entire space below is there for you, to make whatever you want.

upper bed 4 upper bed 5

I think this is a great idea and an original way of decorating your bed and at the same time it is very practical and it helps you to optimizing spaces.

And you, do you like this kind of beds?

Via: Decoración 2.0

Pictures: Pinterest

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