How your kitchen will look like in 2025

This interesting idea comes from the minds of Ikea team and they haven’t just imagined it, they have actually built it.
The concept kitchen 2025 is a pop-up exhibition featured at EXPO Milano 205 which shows how your kitchen can help you making thoughtful decisions about food and waste.
And why a kitchen? “Of all the rooms in our homes the kitchen is the center of energy, activity, comfort, and creativity—the beating heart of any dwelling. In the coming decade as our environments and habits change, the kitchen as we know it will evolve drastically. More people will move into cities, and our living spaces will become smaller. Natural resources will become more scarce, food more expensive, and waste an increasingly urgent issue. Near-instant grocery delivery will alter how we shop for and store food, and technology will be embedded in every part of our homes”.
Refrigerated food is stored in containers with induction-cooling technology. This kind of containers also allow us to see what we have and what we need to avoid overbuying
It has two sinks, one for toxic water and another one for water that is later reused in the dishwasher or to water the plantskitchen5
Trash is manually sorted for recyclingkitchen 5
The table eliminates the need for stove. It heats the inside of pans to make the table useful for other things like eating or working.
kitchen 3
The kitchen also suggests recipies to use that food that is about to be wastedkitchen 2
Source: The concept Kitchen 2015

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