Great ideas for decorating with maps

Do you like travelling? Maps can be a great decorative element that will keep your mind thinking about your next trip! You can create truly original decorations with maps and they can be used for decorating almost everything. That’s why today, we bring you some ideas for decorating with maps for inspiring your home decoration!

Use your lamp as a map

decorating-with-maps1Source: buzzfeed

This original idea remind us to the typical globes that we used when we were children. It’s an original way of lighting your living room or your night table.

Change the glass of your door for a big map

decorating-with-maps2Source: buzzfeed

Are you tired of your almost transparent door? You can cover the glass gaps with maps to create an original door that gives you some more privacy.

Use one of the living room’s wall as a huge world map

decorating-with-maps3Source: buzzfeed

Wallpapering one of your living room’s walls with a map is also a great idea for decorating with maps. Moreover, as you can see in the picture above, you can combine some of the colours of the map with the furniture of your living room.

Cushions made with map printed fabric

decorating-with-maps4Source: buzzfeed

With this creative map cushion you’ll sleep like an angel dreaming about your adventures around the world.

Decorative letters covered with maps

decorating-with-maps5Source: buzzfeed

If you like decoupage, you’ll like this craft with maps. Choose a word you like, like “travel” in this case, and decorate the different letters with maps.

Hang a map in your bedroom and put a label in every place you visit

decorating-with-maps6Source: buzzfeed

You can place this creative DIY project in any space of your house. It can look fantastic in your living room, your office or your bedroom. Choose the labels you’ll use and you can start building your map. Like this, you can note down the date and year where you visited every place and even with who.

Decorate a vintage wood board with a map

decorating-with-maps7Source: buzzfeed

This wood board is a great example of how many possibilities there are for decorating with maps.

Black and white map for pinning your visited places

decorating-with-maps8Source: athletesabroad

If your home decoration is more modern and you prefer a simpler decoration, this modern black and white map is perfect for you. Place it in any space of your home and use pins of different colours to mark the places and countries you’ve visited.

A chair covered with maps

decorating-with-maps9Source: shelterness

This chair covered with maps is just unique! With this original idea you can transform a boring or old chair into a fun piece of furniture!

We hope these ideas for decorating with maps served as an inspiration for creating your own DIY projects and your own decoration with maps. You can share more ideas with us in the comments or in our Facebook page.

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